#75 – Power Walking Pros

Jack Moody from The Neighbors Upstairs is joined by Crista, host of The Good MILF podcast. During this episode, we discuss the importance of having good hygiene, Jack’s dramatic run-in with a flying cockroach, how the movie The Hunt satirized politics, our really terrible Scream 5 theories, the ridiculousness of the Sexy Beasts dating show, and which sports should be taken out of the Olympics.

#74 – Heat Seeking Missile

Jack Moody is joined by a long-time friend, James Diesel. During this episode, we discuss a report concluding that Governor Andrew Cuomo is guilty of harassment, Kate Winslet’s underrated new show on HBO titled Mare of Easttown, Simone Biles pulling out of several Olympics events because of anxiety, where Marvel’s Disney + shows rank among one another, and the nature of dating and dating apps during the past couple of years.

#72 – Less is More

Jack Moody is joined by Lily West. You may remember Lily as the neighbor from apartment 16L. During this episode, we discuss how and why companies are moving to end remote work, why culture is a big focus for organizations in the future, what having no audience in the Olympics means for athletes, and the second week of Big Brother 23.

#66 – Terrible Sequels

In this episode of The Neighbors Upstairs, Jack Moody is running solo. During this episode, Jack discusses the importance of taking inventory of toxicity in all types of relationships, the need and desire to never settle in life, the New York Knicks’ failure to being competitive during the playoffs, the rise and dominance of Atlanta Hawks superstar Trae Young, and the Brooklyn Nets’ absolutely crushing performance against the Bucks.

#62 – Bad Segues

Jack Moody from The Neighbors Upstairs is joined by a comedian based out of New York, Adam Hamada. During this episode, we discuss Adam’s stint on Jerry Springer’s new show, Adam’s experiences in being a young standup comic, how COVID-19 has affected Adam’s standup career, the surprise emergence of the New York Knicks, the details on Bill and Melinda Gates’s divorce, Elon Musk’s influence on Dogecoin and crypto, and Adam Shefter lying about Aaron Rodgers’s future.

#54 – F**k References

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by returning guest, Shayna Amster, host of the Girl Interrupter podcast. During this episode, we discuss, the archaic practice of resumes and reference checks for jobs, what we will be spending our stimulus checks on, whether or not we believe opposites actually attract, our thoughts on Bachelor Nation’s Chris Harrison firing, and New York Governor Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment allegations.

#52 – Blue Eyes White Dragon

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by returning guest, Eric The Great from Another Booty Lickin Track podcast. During this episode, we discuss Eric The Great’s motivation to become a rapper, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s comments on keeping political conversation out of sports, and whether or not the late great Patrice O’Neal would’ve been canceled in today’s sensitive culture.

#51 – They Don’t Play Creep

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by a couple of new guests on the show. Alan aka A Charles is a songwriter and producer from the South of England. You may also know him as the lead vocalist and guitarist of Bellevue Days. A Charles has recently released his 2nd single called Falling Apart Again on February 12th which features vocals from David Cervera aka Back Room Scene. Back Room Scene is an indie-folk singer and songwriter from London. He has released two EP’s, chapter one and chapter two which are available on major platforms. During this episode, we discuss the meaning behind their new song Falling Apart Again and its relevance in today’s reality, what it is like being a part of the unpredictable nature of the music industry, and the important distinction between constructive feedback and meaningless criticism.

#50 – Whedon’s Women

The Neighbors Upstairs discuss: The GOAT that Tom Brady is and strangely compare him to the rise of Julius Randle from the New York Knicks. What comes first, the system or the phenom, or is it both? Joss Whedon’s hypocritical life of creating strong female characters in his movies and shows and then disrespecting women in reality. What to expect in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Will it live up to all of the hype?