#75 – Power Walking Pros

Jack Moody from The Neighbors Upstairs is joined by Crista, host of The Good MILF podcast. During this episode, we discuss the importance of having good hygiene, Jack’s dramatic run-in with a flying cockroach, how the movie The Hunt satirized politics, our really terrible Scream 5 theories, the ridiculousness of the Sexy Beasts dating show, and which sports should be taken out of the Olympics.

#68 – Rabbit Hole

In this episode of The Neighbors Upstairs, Jack Moody is running solo. During this episode, Jack discusses if people should desire the need and want for Aliens to exist, the implications of extraterrestrials being in contact with humans, the “ignorance is bliss” quote from “The Matrix” movie, and a precognitive dream that Jack might have had that came true.

#65 – Gang of Clouds

Jack Moody from The Neighbors Upstairs is joined by Crista, host of The Good MILF podcast. During this episode, we discuss Memorial Day and salute all that have served and still serve the USA, our love for horror movies and Crista becoming Jack’s horror guru, if longer living dogs can help increase a human’s lifespan, and Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to buy up the world.

#53 – God Bless You

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by returning guest, Josh McLendon. He is a director, videographer, and editor of a series of short films. During this episode, we discuss, Josh’s brand new short film entitled “Countdowns,” the backlash Disney faced by releasing WandaVision episodes weekly, the struggle of enjoying really good art coming from really bad people, and Josh’s reaction to finding out that he had been adopted.

#50 – Whedon’s Women

The Neighbors Upstairs discuss: The GOAT that Tom Brady is and strangely compare him to the rise of Julius Randle from the New York Knicks. What comes first, the system or the phenom, or is it both? Joss Whedon’s hypocritical life of creating strong female characters in his movies and shows and then disrespecting women in reality. What to expect in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Will it live up to all of the hype?

#44 – Joshing Around

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by Josh Thomas who is responsible for podcasts such as The Takedown and The Weekly Forecast and Josh McLendon who is a director, videographer, and editor. Josh McLendon talks about his experiences working in media as well as why he got into it in the first place. We also talk about cryptocurrency and strange internet trends. And of course, we all shared what our favorite movies are.

#33 – Going Broke for Nostalgia

This week, The Neighbors Upstairs were joined by Eric AKA EricTheGreat, host of the show “Another Booty Lick’in Track”. They talk about Howard Stern’s reported new SiriusXM contract, the Scream franchise, how social media has changed people and the dating culture, and more.