#77 – Red Flags´┐╝

Jack Moody is back with another solo edition of The Neighbors Upstairs. During this episode, Jack discusses Hurricane Ida’s vicious attack on New York City, an argument to employing the three-day rule in dating, how introspection can help overcome insecurity, and Jack’s sudden interest in CM Punk and AEW.

#59 – Lucky Rug

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by returning guest, Shayna Amster, host of the Girl Interrupter podcast. During this episode, we discuss Shayna’s move to Anchor, Dogecoin’s recent dominance in the crypto world, annoying neighbors who ask for favors, which South Park characters Jack and Shayna are, and if Jack and Shayna can fall in love by answering 36 questions.

#48 – Situationships

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by Emily from the Bitterfly podcast. We discuss if being friends with benefits during the pandemic is a good idea, hurdles relationships are facing right now, the challenges with using dating apps, the power of self-care and introspection during quarantine life, and Robinhood’s war with the retail investor (WallStreetBets subreddit).

#44 – Joshing Around

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by Josh Thomas who is responsible for podcasts such as The Takedown and The Weekly Forecast and Josh McLendon who is a director, videographer, and editor. Josh McLendon talks about his experiences working in media as well as why he got into it in the first place. We also talk about cryptocurrency and strange internet trends. And of course, we all shared what our favorite movies are.

#38 – Diversity of Thought

Lefty from The Neighbors Upstairs shares his thoughts on CBS’s pledge to cast at least 50% people of color on all of their reality TV shows, and what other changes different networks could adopt to drive forward progress. Lefty also offers opinions for questions listeners have been sending via email, like whether or not someone should forgive a cheating partner. He also talks about Donnie Darko, superpowers, and the whereabouts of Righty.

#34 – Social Media Censors the Truth

This week, The Neighbors Upstairs were joined by Alex Garrett from Alex Garret Podcasting. They discussed how Facebook and Twitter censored an article from the New York Post which provided further evidence of Joe Biden’s corrupt dealing with Ukrainian energy company Bursima. They also talked about how analytics is ruining the soul of Baseball, Dak Prescott’s injury, Bill Burr’s SNL monologue, and more.