#78 – Norm Macdonald

Jack Moody from The Neighbors Upstairs is joined by Brandon, one of the hosts of the SpacecloudE podcast. During this episode, we discuss the unfortunate passing of comedy legend Norm Macdonald; the impact that Norm Macdonald had on comedy; the past, current, and future state of wrestling and comedy; and if comedy is in good hands with comics like Shane Gillis.

#72 – Less is More

Jack Moody is joined by Lily West. You may remember Lily as the neighbor from apartment 16L. During this episode, we discuss how and why companies are moving to end remote work, why culture is a big focus for organizations in the future, what having no audience in the Olympics means for athletes, and the second week of Big Brother 23.

#71 – French Toast

In this episode of The Neighbors Upstairs, Jack Moody is running solo. During this episode, Jack discusses Connor McGregor V Dustin Poirier part 3, what Connor McGregor’s legacy will be post-retirement, Deloitte’s decision to permanently go remote, differences in introverts and extroverts in a remote culture, Jack’s hatred and addiction to Tik Tok, and Big Brother 23’s brand new cast.

#52 – Blue Eyes White Dragon

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by returning guest, Eric The Great from Another Booty Lickin Track podcast. During this episode, we discuss Eric The Great’s motivation to become a rapper, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s comments on keeping political conversation out of sports, and whether or not the late great Patrice O’Neal would’ve been canceled in today’s sensitive culture.

#35 – Too Big to Cancel

This week, Lefty from The Neighbors Upstairs was joined by Stan from The Welders of Zion Podcast. They discussed how political correctness has changed the power distance of office culture in America, the ever-changing nature of what’s “woke”, Twitter’s cancelation attempt of Chris Pratt, the idiocracy of this year’s presidential election, and more.