#71 – French Toast

In this episode of The Neighbors Upstairs, Jack Moody is running solo. During this episode, Jack discusses Connor McGregor V Dustin Poirier part 3, what Connor McGregor’s legacy will be post-retirement, Deloitte’s decision to permanently go remote, differences in introverts and extroverts in a remote culture, Jack’s hatred and addiction to Tik Tok, and Big Brother 23’s brand new cast.

#70 – Hospital Food

Jack Moody is joined by a long-time friend, James Diesel. You may remember James as the neighbor from apartment 3B. During this episode, we discuss the battle James has and is going through with Crohn’s Disease, the first hangover James has collected in over four years, the genius of Larry David and his show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, the prison release of Bill Cosby and what it means for MeToo, the apparent legalization of prostitution in New York, and Jeff Bezos and his infatuation with building phallic rockets.

#69 – Free Britney

Jack Moody is joined by Eric The Great, host of the Another Booty Lickin Track podcast. During this episode, we discuss people’s strange infatuation of terrible historical figures, the public’s willingness to be manipulated by the media, the media portraying Bill Gates as a savior during the pandemic, and our thoughts on the conservatorship Britney Spears is under.

#51 – They Don’t Play Creep

The Neighbors Upstairs are joined by a couple of new guests on the show. Alan aka A Charles is a songwriter and producer from the South of England. You may also know him as the lead vocalist and guitarist of Bellevue Days. A Charles has recently released his 2nd single called Falling Apart Again on February 12th which features vocals from David Cervera aka Back Room Scene. Back Room Scene is an indie-folk singer and songwriter from London. He has released two EP’s, chapter one and chapter two which are available on major platforms. During this episode, we discuss the meaning behind their new song Falling Apart Again and its relevance in today’s reality, what it is like being a part of the unpredictable nature of the music industry, and the important distinction between constructive feedback and meaningless criticism.

#40 – Off the Rails

The Neighbors Upstairs are once again joined by 3B, and this one got a little crazy. They talk about the ridiculousness of the scheduled Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul boxing match, the New York Giants leading its division, the sad reality of being a fan of a terrible sports franchise, the NBA pausing marijuana testing for the 2020-21 season, and they react to Giuliani getting Covid. They also answer questions from listeners.

#39 – Let’s Try This Again

The Neighbors Upstairs is back! Lefty is joined by 3B. 3B talks about the struggles of opening up his own video streaming service. They also talk about Youtube’s bogus rules, Ellen Page’s transition to Elliot Page, the appearance and disappearance of monoliths, the greatness of the show Survivor, and more.

#28 – Furniture is Overrated

This week Lefty talks with the neighbor from apartment 3B! 3B talks about how the quarantine has changed his life as well as the lives of his friends living in New York City. He also talks about why he still hasn’t purchased any furniture for his apartment (it’s been over a month now). And Tyler Perry is a billionaire?

#20 – Broccoli and Trees with Mike Z

This week The Neighbors Upstairs spoke with the one and only Cannabis Business coach, Michael Zaystev AKA Mike Z. He spoke about how and why he got involved in the cannabis industry, the different cannabis-related events he’s organized, bad trips, munchies, and his brand new book that talks about breaking into the cannabis industry.

#18 – Cash Rules Everything Around Me

This week, The Neighbors Upstairs conversed with their long time friend Adam. They spoke about the debt created and collateral damage cities have endured via the protests and riots, the cost of cancel culture on human originality and the advertising world, media sensationalism, the cost of unfair labor practices on Uyghurs, and way more!