#69 – Free Britney

Jack Moody is joined by Eric The Great, host of the Another Booty Lickin Track podcast. During this episode, we discuss people’s strange infatuation of terrible historical figures, the public’s willingness to be manipulated by the media, the media portraying Bill Gates as a savior during the pandemic, and our thoughts on the conservatorship Britney Spears is under.

#68 – Rabbit Hole

In this episode of The Neighbors Upstairs, Jack Moody is running solo. During this episode, Jack discusses if people should desire the need and want for Aliens to exist, the implications of extraterrestrials being in contact with humans, the “ignorance is bliss” quote from “The Matrix” movie, and a precognitive dream that Jack might have had that came true.

#43 – That’s a Wrap

The Neighbors Upstairs discuss 2020, a year filled with challenges and then some. We remember the passing of Kobe Bryant, President Donald Trump’s impeachment, the rise of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter Protests, the growing possibility of aliens actually existing, and much more. We also thank our growing number of listeners who kept listening to the first season of The Neighbors Upstairs. That’s a wrap on season 1, see you next year!

#24 – Hat Music with Kyle Baillargeon

This week The Neighbors Upstairs had the pleasure of speaking with singer/songwriter, Kyle Baillargeon. Kyle talks about his music and what drives him to create artistic expression. That’s really just the tip of this episode’s iceberg, you don’t want to miss this. 

#18 – Cash Rules Everything Around Me

This week, The Neighbors Upstairs conversed with their long time friend Adam. They spoke about the debt created and collateral damage cities have endured via the protests and riots, the cost of cancel culture on human originality and the advertising world, media sensationalism, the cost of unfair labor practices on Uyghurs, and way more!

#16 – Time Travel Theme Park

This week we spoke with a former attorney, Billboard-charting recording artist, and rising-star filmmaker, Marshall Seese Jr., AKA The Tin Man. He spoke about what it took for him to chase his dreams and convert them into reality, his thoughts on UFO’s, time travel, and more!